How To (and not to) Talk About Yourself

So, you’re about to become an author. And people will (gratifyingly)  ask about you. So you (willing to share and to become a Personality) begin to talk about your cottage in the Cotswolds, or how poor you were as a child, or how you’ve travelled the world with your diplomatic service partner.


Already, you’ve made a big mistake.

Then they’ll ask you about your book and what inspired you to write it. And then you’ll talk about the interesting girl you met when you were backpacking around Thailand and your love of 18th century sailing ships and how stories of betrayal have always interested you.

And that will be the nail in your coffin. You’re already done for. You’re already nobody. You’ve just talked yourself into the common herd.

I did the same thing…but now I know better. I now know what some people are born knowing and what some people learn from their literary friends. I’ve learned it the hard way.  I know how to talk about my writing. I know how to talk about what inspired me and about my life as an author.

I’d love to tell you everything: right here, right now. But it would take too long. Come to this workshop, if you can, or ask me to come to you. And learn it the easy way, before you’re seven books into your career!

BTW: I say the workshop is May 19th…it’s May 18th – Saturday!!!!!


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