Mimi Thebo writes stories, reads stories, watches stories and is, pretty much, all about the stories. She’s written for everyone…from beginning readers to the large print books for old people’s tired eyes. She’d write for cats, but they only pay in mice bits…

Her work has been translated into dozens of languages. It has been made into films, signed for young deaf children and illustrated in light. Her poems have won prizes and her short stories have been read on BBC Radio 4.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Mimi, I found you through your agents website (as I’m currently submitting my manuscript) and you caught my eye as my story has the themes hope and recovery so I shall now be following you on here!

  2. Hi Mimi, just wanted to say I’ve really been enjoying your blog, particularly as I’ve been going through very similar stages lately…submitting a first draft…the love/hate experience of writing…the isolation…the terror of getting people to read your work and give feedback…exposing yourself and being vulnerable in your writing…the struggle/exhilaration of rewriting. It has been very comforting to read about someone else experiencing it all too! Thanks for sharing and all the best for your new novels!

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