A Little Bit About Working in Chaos


Sorry that I haven’t written much lately. I’ve been waiting to catch up. Until I had just the right thing to say. Until my shelves looked nice for the photo. Until I lost just ten more pounds. Until…until things were okay, you know?

I’m sure you do.

I’ve done this before with my writing, too. I’ve waited until I settled down. I’ve waited because I want a nice room and I needed to paint the one I had. I’ve waited for a million different reasons. And then? I finally sat down in the mess and wrote.

Stephen King used to write on a typewriter on a board balanced across a lawn chair in the utility cubby of the trailer home where he lived with his wife and children. Jane Austen used to have to slide her ms. out of sight when callers came. Dickens could only afford to heat one room, and used to work in a corner while visitors and debt collectors came and went to talk to his wife.

I’ve learned that about fiction, but now I had to learn it about blogging. So, here I am. I need to lose ten pounds (well, actually thirty-two). I need to clean off my bookshelves. But I’m back. And I’ve written another 60,000 words.

Working Title: To Hide Her Blazing Heart

Word Count: 70,248


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